Family History Course


An Introduction to Family History Research


Starting on 15th February 2016  6-8.30pm and running for 6 weeks

To be Held in Volunteer House in Cupar where we hold our talks

£60 for the 6 lessons

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 Housekeeping, Course Administration & Introduction

Census Returns  & Hay family census records







 Scottish Birth, Death & Marriage Records (BDMs)

& Old Parish Records (OPRs)

Hay family BDM & OPR entries

Genealogy Archives Search







 Burials, Monumental Inscriptions, Wills,

Newspaper Archives, & Photographs

Hay family records

Organising your Research & Referencing

Family History Software & Genealogy Websites







 Business Records

Sasine Registers & Valuation Rolls, Maps & Directories

Hay family business records








 Occupations & Military Records

 Hay family occupation & James Melville military records









House History

Archives, Libraries and Family History Societies






Can you Help?

 We’ve had a request from one of our members who would love some help identifying people sitting for photographs.

 A large number of family photographs, many of which appear to be examples of early Kirkcaldy photographers’ work, were gifted to Margaret & her sister.  Ultimately, they hope to donate this collection to Kirkcaldy museum but are keen to identify as many people as possible in the following tintypes, cartes de visite and cabinet prints. 

 With some help from Kircaldy Museum to research the photographers, using Census records & their own family tree, they have managed to date match a lot of the collection but there are a few that are proving a little more elusive.

 The families being researched are the Wilson family who lived in Mid Street, Pathhead, Dysart from 1841 until 1881 and the Young family who lived nearby in Nether Street until 1871 when they moved to Cupar Mead, Dysart.

 Please take a look at the pictures below and see if any of them, or the faces in them, seem familiar.  The pictures are also in the Photo Section. You can send any thoughts/comments/assistance to Margaret & her sister through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 On behalf of Margaret & her sister, thank you for taking the time to look.


Fife Grave Stones Conference

Fife Family History Society had a stall at the recent Gravestone Conference held in Kirkcaldy Old Kirk. Our Chairman Hugh Hoffman was one of the organisers.Below L to R is Chairman Hugh Hoffman and his wife Doris with our Editor Andrew Campbell.

Fife Grave Stones Conference - Kirkcaldy Old Kirk


 Kirkcaldy Civic Society and Fife Family History Society, joint organisers of the Fife Grave Stones Conference, are delighted with the success of the event which took place on 14 November in Kirkcaldy Old Kirk.   

 An audience of around 60 enjoyed a series of talks from six excellent speakers whose topics ranged from casualties suffered during the construction of the Forth Bridge, the repair of  a wall at Abbotshall Churchyard which led to the discovery of a previously unknown lower level of graves, Scottish death and burial customs, measures taken in the past to protect recently buried corpses from the attentions of bodysnatchers, medieval canopied tombs, and research into the former pupils and staff of Kirkcaldy High School who died in action during WW1 and who are listed on the war memorial in the school.


George Proudfoot of Kirkcaldy Civic Society paid tribute to the late Ann Watters who had initiated the series of conferences in 2004 (this year’s event was the sixth).  He also thanked the exhibitors, the audience, and his fellow organisers – Rosemary Potter and Anne McIntyre of Kirkcaldy Civic Society and Hugh Hoffman of Fife Family History Society.  He looked forward to the next conference in two years time. 


 (The photograph  below shows:

Back row: George Proudfoot (KCS),  Roddy Sneddon (speaker),  Richard Fawcett (speaker), Hugh Hoffman (Fife FHS), Rosemary Potter (KCS)

 Front row: Martyn Gorman (speaker), Margaret Bennett (speaker), Anne McIntyre (KCS)


Fife Gravestone Conference

Outing to Peoples Palace in Glasgow

Our outing to the Peoples Palace in Glasgow on the 12th May was a great sucess. After pick up in Leven and Aucthermuchty our very plush hired minibus took us through to Glasgow. We arrived about 11.30 and had a coffee/lunch break! We also met with a couple of our members from Falkirk. We split up and went round the exhibition which is all about the history of Glasgow in word and picutres. For more information see the website. We set off for home about 3.30 having had a very enjoyable day with lots of chat!! Below are some pictures of our day.