Some Fife Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen of WW1


August 2014 saw the centenary of the start of the 1st World War, and Nov 2018 will see the centenary of its ending.

 To commemorate this, the Fife Family History Society has brought out this CD of some of its 1st World War holdings, with scans of the photographs of some of these soldiers, sailors and airmen, taken from the following published works, now very scarce.

We begin with the KIRKCALDY & DISTRICT WAR ALBUM, published by the Fifeshire Advertiser newspaper of Kirkcaldy in 3 volumes in 1915-16. Due to the large number of casualties, no more volumes were brought out after No 3. A data file, which gives the names in alphabetical order, has also been included for each volume, which gives for each entry the Page and Volume Number, as well as the Scan Number. Thanks to Fife FHS member, Stuart Mathewson, for the loan of these Albums.

For Dunfermline we have copied the Portraits of West Fife Soldiers, No 4, published by the Dunfermline Journal. Again, No 4 was the last in the series, and although further numbers were planned, they were never published, again due to the slaughter. We have also included the portraits given in the Dunfermline Journal Almanac for 1917. Again a data file has been included for both, with the names in alphabetical order.

 Also for Dunfermline, we have copied The Roll of Honour of The Pupils and Staff of Dunfermline High School during the Great War, published by R K Lindsay & Allan, The Abbey Press, Dunfermline, in March 1920. We have copied the General Roll (which is the complete Roll) at Pp 5-32. This roll is in alphabetical order, and gives the plate number if there is a photograph. There are quite a few photographs per plate. We have copied these 12 photographic plates at the end of the volume. The names of the soldiers are at the bottom of each plate.

For Central and East Fife we have copied the portraits in the Fife News Almanacs for 1915 and 1916. These Almanacs were published by J & G Innes of Cupar. We have copied all the photographs in these Almanacs, and thus they contain some non-1st World War photos. The photographs were produced using copper blocks and printed on fine art paper, and thus there is a good quality of reproduction. Although there were further Fife News Almanacs published in 1917 and 1918 (when the series was suspended),  these volumes did not contain any photographs.

 We have copied the Roll of Honour and Roll of Service, 1914-1919 of the University of St Andrews, published by the University and printed by R & R Clark Ltd of Edinburgh in 1920

 And finally we have included some photographs of those employed on the East of Fife Record of Anstruther, which were published in the newspaper shortly before it ceased publication in 1917       


Some Fife Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen of WW1