This is a problem that affects people with email addresses for AOL, btinternet, Yahoo and some other Internet Service Providers. Your emails are not being rejected by FifeFHS – they never reach us. Your emails are being misidentified as spam by your ISP’s outbound spam detectors.

Here are some ways to avoid the outbound spam detector problem but if you have already had several messages returned it may be too late. In that case, please use the contact form to send us a request to whitelist your email address.

  1. Only send to one FifeFHS address at a time. Tempting though it may be to take the belt-and-braces option of sending to two or more addresses, especially if you’re not sure who to contact, this makes you look like a spammer even if you aren’t one. Send to one address and we’ll forward your message to the right person.
  2. Write a long, meaningful subject line.
  3. Avoid trigger words in the subject line or in the body of the text, including the word ‘spam’! Check for unfortunate auto-corrects that turn your perfectly sensible intentions into rude words. Don’t mention Rolex watches – we can’t imagine why you would but it’s a good example of an apparently innocent term that will mark you out as a spammer.
  4. Avoid using lots of upper case or repeating words or phrases even if you’re cross with us.
  5. Watch your spelling. Poor spelling is a feature of spam. Strange but true.

Alternatively, use the contact form. This is really the best way to get messages to us.