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A Saga of the Early Auchinlecks and Afflecks. A Hidden History Revealed by David Keir Affleck
This book is the result of twenty years of local history studies in Scotland now knitted together to offer solutions to questions previous Scottish historians have struggled with. It tells how the life of a twelve-year-old Elizabeth Auchinleck in the 15th C. was highjacked by the 5th Earl of Angus and her family inheritance acquired by others. It reveals a network of three generations of pre- Reformation church lawyers with the surname of Auchinleck who, after being forced to move from their roots in Ayrshire in the 15th C, became involved in the management of lands belonging to some of the monasteries in Scotland. It tells the story of a John Auchinleck, a priest and notary who left the security of managing St. Andrews Priory lands to support the thirty-four men who entered St Andrews Castle in 1546 as their first Chaplain. In addition, it will be significant to those who seek to trace their Auchinleck and Affleck family history and struggle to uncover Auchinleck and Affleck genealogy information because at least fifteen children from three generations of Church of Scotland Ministers with the Auchinleck name in the 1600’s do not appear in Old Parish Records. It is the first of three new publications based on local history studies by a researcher who impressed the late Asa Briggs “for work done on historical and genealogical sources of great interest.” But at its heart, it is a study of people and their networks.