Cupar: The years of controversy, Its news-paper press 1822-1872

Forgers and Embezzlers; an amazing escape from Justice; a near pistol duel; a serial adulterer; court actions for libel and assault, and proprietorship; the Judas Editor; rival editors who secretly exchanged editorial chairs; one of the greatest editors of the Scotsman newspaper; founder of the Edinburgh Evening News; reports into Highland Destitution (1847) and the Edinburgh Poor (1850); one of the founders of the University of Cape Town; Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand; Australian mmerchands; founder of a High School in Bombay; famous Professors, and noted local poets and authors; one of the most important economic works to be published in Scotland in the 19th century; and last, but not least, the Printer’s Devil, paring the corns of the aged pressman, Auld Chasey.