Old Glenrothes By Emma D Reid

Old buildings, farms and villages in the area which became New Town of Glenrothes. The town was founded in 1948 as the second of Scotland’s new towns under the New Towns Act of 1946 (the first being East Kilbride). The first houses and schools built in Glenrothes date from 1951, and the first church, St Margarets, from 1954. With its modern housing, it is hard to believe that such a place would have much connection with family history. Older towns and villages may be very much unchanged from our ancestors time, and even other new towns were based around existing communities as a greenfield site and contained no major settlements. You have to look very closely at the town to see the traces of the past.

The author includes information about the different areas that make up the town, for example; Pitcairn, Collydean, Cadham, Auchmuty, Caskieberran, Balbirnie Park, Balburnie Burns and Mount Frost.